The Unintended Consequences of Remote Work –


March 25, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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The Unintended Consequences of Remote Work –  

What Your Company Needs to Know when Work is Performed Outside of Michigan.  

Maybe you have that employee who lives just across the Indiana or Ohio border. Maybe it’s the  recent college graduate who decided to move back home to Colorado to save money on rent  during the pandemic. Maybe it’s the empty-nester who rents a house with great wifi to spend a  couple of months in Florida. Or maybe even Mexico? After all, when working from home, does  it really matter where “home” is?  

Unfortunately, it might matter. In fact, depending on the state, it might matter a lot. For  example, if you have one or more employees working from New York State for 30 days or more  in a calendar year, you must provide disability and paid-family-leave coverage that is fully  compliant with state law. For a further example: Each state (and some cities) has their own  rules regarding payroll taxes, including income taxes and unemployment taxes or insurance.  Insurance networks, workers’ compensation, licensing and credentialing, and tax nexus are  some of the other complications to be considered when an employee performs remote work in  other states.  

The West Michigan Chapter of the ISCEBS, in partnership with LHRMA, is pleased to offer a 60- minute panel discussion that will help employers navigate the various considerations of a  mobile, remote, workforce. Our expert panel, consisting of an employment law specialist, a tax  specialist, and HR and Benefit professionals from some of West Michigan’s multi-state  employers, will provide guidance and practical advice for making sure your company remains  compliant and in control of your remote workers.

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Panel Speakers

  • Allison Reuter, Corporate Counsel, Employment Law, Amway
  • Reem Janho, Senior Manager, Workforce Transformation, Deloitte
  • Eric Lubben, Tax Analyst, UFP Industries
  • Ed Mohr, VP Total Rewards, Whirlpool Corporation



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