June Monthly Membership Meeting


June 25, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Virtual Meeting


Recruiting would be super simple if we just didn’t have hiring managers! But we do, so how do we best get our hiring managers to work with us and not against us in making hires happen more efficiently? Tim’s talk will dive deep into the best ways to get your hiring managers to be as passionate about hiring as we are in HR and Talent Acquisition. If talent is our most important asset, and every executive will tell you it is, we must get on the same page as our hiring managers and deliver faster, better quality, more diverse talent to our organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Strategize different ways to get hiring managers to respond to the hiring process in a timely manner.
  2. Build a hiring plan that will allow you to hire faster, with higher quality.
  3. Learn how to become a talent advisor to hiring managers.

About the speaker:

Tim Sackett, SHRM-SCP,SPHR is the President of HRU Technical Resources a leading IT and Engineering Staffing firm headquartered in Lansing, MI. Tim has over 20 years of combined Executive HR and Talent Acquisition experience, working for Fortune 500 companies and he has his Master’s degree in HR Management. Tim is a highly sought-after international speaker on leadership, HR Tech, talent acquisition and HR execution. Tim is currently a Senior Faculty member with the Josh Bersin Academy.

Tim is the author of the best-selling SHRM published book, “The Talent Fix: A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Great Talent”. He also writes every day at his blog the Tim Sackett Project and over at Fistful of Talent. Tim is married to a hall of fame wife, has three sons, and his dog Scout. In 2019, he was named a Top 10 Global HR Influencer by Workforce Magazine, and the #8 Influencer Globally on Recruitment. He has more Twitter followers than his 3 GenZ sons combined, which they love to point out (@TimSackett). He is a lifelong workplace advocate for Diet Mt. Dew fountain machines and he considered the world’s foremost expert on workplace hugs.